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Another Happy Day (2011)

Another Happy Day ..
Views: 2108
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Another Happy Day (2011)

Director: Sam Levinson
Writers: Sam Levinson
Stars: Ellen Barkin, Ezra Miller and Ellen Burstyn
Category: Drama
Release Date: 2011-12-08
Rate: 5.2/10
Views: 2108

Sam Levinson brought the another American comedy genre that focuses on a woman named Lyn who has been separated from his husband Paul and now lives with his children, She is going to attend the wedding of her estranged son Dylan whom she was dispossessed of raising as his custody got by her husband Paul and meanwhile she is fretting over the event because she has to deal with volatile family dynamics. Watch movie another happy day online and witness with the fire of archaic, complex family dynamics. However, Lyn happens to be a stable woman but she is worrying over the coming weekend as she has to deal with her ex-husband Paul and his hot tempered wife Patty with this Lynn has also not spoken to Dylan in years. As Lyn’s life is full of trouble but this is not enough because Lyn is not fine in liaison with her mother who blames her for family troubles as her younger son Elliot is a chronically depressed drug addict while Alice deals with her anxieties through cutting.

So, the movie depicts the one day journey of a woman who struggles with so many relationships which has left Lyn in an emotional smash. If you hold a desire to see such a remarkable movie must download another happy day

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