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Red Tails (2012)

Red Tails (2012)..
Views: 2413
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Red Tails (2012)

Director: Anthony Hemingway
Writers: John Ridley, John Ridley
Stars: Nate Parker, David Oyelowo and Ne-Yo
Category: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War
Release Date: 2012-01-20
Rate: 5.6/10
Views: 2413

Red Tails movie is written by John Ridley and directed by Anthony Hemingway. The stars of the movie are Cuba Gooding Jr., Gerald McRaney and David Oyelowo. The movie is about the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African American servicemen during World War II, and is the first Lucasfilm production since Radioland Murders (1994) not associated with the Indiana Jones or Star Wars franchises.

George Lucas developing Red Tails and compare it to tucker. The man and his dream as "a story too good to be true". Thomas Carter was his original choice to direct. Red Tails has its moments. They have just gone too far in the other direction. The movie is so desperate to be palatable, to appeal to everybody that it does not taste like anything.

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