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Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Sleeping Beauty (2..
Views: 2474
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Sleeping Beauty (2011)

Director: Julia Leigh
Writers: Julia Leigh
Stars: Emily Browning, Rachael Blake and Ewen Leslie
Category: Drama
Release Date: 2011-12-02
Rate: 5.6/10
Views: 2474

Julia Leigh brought the interesting concept based upon society’s real truth which brings the story of a Lucy who is a young student and adopted the profession of prostitution to fulfil his financial needs and works several job to pay the rent of her house. Watch sleeping beauty movie to witness the journey of a woman who moves violently with her life and leads her into a niche sex industry. By which she is paid for the things needed or demanded by old gentleman as these elderly people can do whatever they want with this drugged woman except for going for that customary orgasm.

The movie comes up with the real truth of society that tells how woman need put them into this profession.However; Lucy adopts the profession of prostitution not because of lack of monetary resources but on a self punishment as her past plays the main reason behind her actions. The movie expresses the nature of sexual hostility that comes from nasty craving to exert power with sexuality have nothing to do with it. To get download the Sleeping Beauty movie which requires an open minded behaviour because of its emotional seriousness which is labelled as the base on which this movie confer.

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