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The Sessions (2012)

The Sessions (2012..
Views: 1746
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The Sessions (2012)

Director: Ben Lewin
Writers: Ben Lewin
Stars: John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy
Category: Drama
Release Date: 2012-10-19
Rate: 6.5/10
Views: 1746

The Sessions initially titled as “The Surrogate” Americian Drama film that is written and directed by the well known man Ben Lewin. It is based on a real story of a poet Mark O’Brien. The poet is paralyzed from neck to foot due to polio; he is just 36 at that time. Mark O’Brien uses an iron lung to survive; his last wish was to lose his virginity before he died. As the movie goes on and on he takes the help of his therapist and consults his priest to make his wish to reality. He hired a professional sex surrogate, Cheryl Cohen-Greene for this purpose.

The Sessions movie follows the fascinating relationship which gradually and slowly takes its height between the two starts John Hawkes and Helen Hunt star that played their role as O’Brien and sex surrogate Cheryl Greene respectively. You can easily Watch The Sessions Movie Online. For this, you have to just click the below button to start Download The Sessions in few seconds. Watch Online The Sessions Movie with optimum clarity in sound and display both.

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