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The Lion King

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Views: 1770
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The Lion King

Director: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
Writers: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts
Stars: Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons and James Earl Jones
Category: Adventure, Animation, Comedy
Release Date: 1994-06-24
Rate: 8.0/10
Views: 1770

Directed by Roger Allers, The Lion King is an American animated feature Film which revolves around a lion cub named Simba who is growing up in the wilderness of Africa under the vigilant eyes of his father named Mufasa who rule over the animal Kingdom as King. The movie takes an interesting turn when Mufasa’s brother Scar is displeased with the new heir of Kingdom as he desires the throne for himself.Meanwhile, Scar contrive a plan to kill Mufasa and his nephew Prince Simba. As the Plan puts into action, Simba become successful in killing the King Mufasa and put the all blame on his nephew Prince Simba that it was his entire fault. With this guilt feeling the cub decides to leave the Kingdom in the hands of his power hungry uncle Scar.

To experience this wonderful movie in which you will see how this cub become successful in getting his reign over the Kingdom then Watch online The Lion King 1994.In addition to this, You can also download the Lion King 1994 from our website in good quality and sound. The Lion King 1994 is one of those movies which really speaks for itself and which depicts the journey of an innocent cub who wants to get over his land.

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